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How It Works

Sign up for our affiliate program and place one of our affiliate links onto your web site. When someone clicks on that link and orders a service from our site, you will be paid a percentage of the order price.

Commission Levels

Bronze: All members begin at this level.

This level pays 10% commission—average of $20.00 per sale!

Silver: After earning commissions from 5 resume sales, you will be promoted to the Silver Level.

This level pays 15% commission—average of $30.00 per sale!

Gold: After earning commissions from 10 resume sales, you will be promoted to the Gold Level.

This level pays 20% commission—average of $40.00 per sale!

2nd Tier Commission Opportunity

You can earn additional commission by signing other web sites onto the program.

Once you have signed up as an affiliate, go out and find other web sites/webmasters, and refer them to our program. Once they have signed up, you (the 1st tier affiliate) will make a 20% commission off your referral's (the 2nd tier affiliate) sales. The more friends you refer to our program, the more money you can make!

Receiving Payments

We have partnered with Affiliate Runner to provide third party, trusted tracking and excellent real-time reporting. You will be paid for any referrals that result in a sale within 6 months. We send out checks every month to all affiliates whose cumulative earnings total $25.00. If your earnings do not total $25.00, we will carry over your balance into the next month. We will keep doing this until your earnings total $25.00, or until 6 months has passed—whichever comes sooner.

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certified professional resume writer

certified professional resume writer
certified professional resume writer
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